Monday, November 26, 2007

Che-Gina: Call No Man Happy Until He Is Dead (Beta)

This is a piece titled Che-Gina: Call No Man Happy Until He Is Dead (Beta). It is one of my favorite ongoing collages as it incorporates a lot of imagery from juxtaposed sources and has many hidden meanings.

"Call No Man Happy Until He Is Dead", is a quote from Solon of the Seven Sages of Greece. I thought it the perfect name for this piece as death seems a welcome friend for many, Che among them. Although I don't fancy being taken out by the CIA like Che was.

I tied the imagery together by utilizing a limited color palette and by fitting all the pieces together by desaturating my source images, hacking them together and painting my color overlays.

Che's body is the medulla oblongata (I think), his arms are from an image of Jesus, his legs are from a medical image of the circulatory system, his wings from an African fly. His body is leaking; and has formed an ocean of blood. In the middle of his belly I placed the eye of a giant squid. Che is standing atop the middle stand almost like a colossus, a titan. Hanging from his arm is a eel-like fish which is bleeding from its mouth. On his other arm is a Japanese girl that seems to be praying or doing something sexual to his arm. I am uncertain as to which it is. Hanging on his chest is a cherub with a pig head; it is grasping at Che's exposed heart. Che is busy fending off some un-friendlies; some military dudes on flying platforms and some phallic squid heads with human legs. Che is clutching Aksak, the beetle god who is helpless in the hands of the Che. A tree of life, on which crows and other birds keep circling, grows from atop Che's head; while Santos stands by to teach a lesson in the ocean of blood.

Standing on the other stands are the Brazebra King (a half zebra and half baboon creature with a hand for a tail) and the Business-Canine (a dog with a businessman's body and a German Shepard head. Both the Brazebra King and the Business-Canine stand over two sacrifices to some un-named god or super-being. The stands/platforms on which they stand have words chiseled into them. The Bazebra King stands atop the "Platform of Deception" and the Business-Canine stands atop the "Platform of Selfishness".

The iteration titled Che-Gina: Demons, pictured bellow, lacks the majority of elements found within the Che-Gina (Beta) version.

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