Friday, July 18, 2008

The Seven Deadly Sins, Their Punishments, Demons, Tormented Souls and Hell

The above is of a tormented hanging lady. What she will be hanging from will have to wait as I have embarked on a project titled, "The Seven Deadly Sins, Their Punishments, Demons, Tormented Souls and Hell". Currently I am in the initiating phase and am tooling around with ideas for an animation and so on. I have been using medieval images of hell and the seven deadly sins as references. All of the elements are being created in vector format so that they can scale and be animated *hint*.

This guy is one unfortunate soul... note his blue tongue and cuts and gashes.

The bellow is actually referenced from an old Japanese Sex Education book. The book had images showing various positions and so on. I took her out of that context and took off her nylon aerobics outfit and gave her a nice thong. She is also all cut up; because she is in hell.

Bellow is a stand alone piece which I created while playing around with the various characters and basic elements. Its titled "The Attempt".. the Demon is being distracted from his torturing session by an escaping soul. For you design fiends, take note of the compositional layout in pyramidal form.

A bottle of red wine... from some brand I don't recognize.

Hell must suck...


Anonymous said...

Wow these are some super-freakin-cool pics

Travis Yunis said...

It's a bit late; Thank you!