Friday, January 2, 2009

Big Buck Hunter Pro - Web Promo

This is a promotional video that I made for the mobile version of the game "Big Buck Hunter Pro". It's a great hunting game where you get to hunt just about every type of wild game at various sites in the United States. For this project marketing had very specific aspects of the game which needed to be featured in a short commercial that could be shown on the web, on the company's flat screen TV, and for events. On my end I took each one of those aspects of the game and crafted how I would bring those elements in with the limited amount of time I had available to me. Many ideas had to be tossed aside to get the project done with the desired level of quality.

I created a storyboard that described what I wanted to do for the project and got it approved by all of the stakeholders. I just wasn't certain that I could complete the project off in time; because I needed to create the elements in 3D, texture them, animate them and then composite everything afterwords and make revisions. In the end marketing provided me with an acceptable extension and thankfully there were only minor text changes that were made. Here are some of the storyboard sheets:

Storyboard Sheet 1

Storyboard Sheet 2

Camera Movement Sheet

I had a great deal of fun working on all of the 3d elements; trophies, collectible plates, picture frames, the scene walls, fire and smoke effects, firewood, etc. ...and had even more fun with the textures; the walls are covered in animal skins, each trophy head has its own unique plaque with the county it was imaginably hunted in. The plates and frames each had unique hunting related pictures on them that came from the console/arcade version of the game. I exported them all as GIFs with dithering to limit the amount of colors and give the pictures a retro feel.

The images bellow are from the project scene. This one shows off the reindeer trophy, the plates and nifty picture of two charging bucks:

I rendered this shot so that I could get an overall view of the wall hangings. I always wanted a bear fur hanging on my den wall.

Here is the fireplace with fire and smoke effects!

The sound for this project was given to me by the Product Manager and are actually the same ones used on the high end mobile devices.

This one shows off another reindeer trophy, the plate and nifty picture of a moose?

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