Monday, February 23, 2009

Design Thoughts 1.0.0

You know you are a corporate designer when you can recognize the following:
1. Reflection
2. Glossy Web 2.0
3. Grunge style
4. DPI
5. Use your magic
6. Tweak it
7. A quick fix
8. This should only take a minute
9. "I have to make some weird stuff, with crazy specs, and difficult requirements that you need to figure out on your own and I need it by this afternoon."
10. Check your email
11. Scratch Disk
12. Post Script
13. Transparency
14. Layer Styles
15. Live Trace
16. Bit Depth
That urban style
18. Serif
19. Ctrl-T or Command-T
20. Ctrl-S / Command-S
21. That blank stare you get, when trying to simplify the complexity of design, when trying to explain what you mean.

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