Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Readily Inflatable Shelter

These concept designs are for my Project Management Simulation class project. The project was to design a survival product prototype and provide a budget, a schedule, documentation, cost estimates, materials research and so on. The product was a "Readily Inflatable Shelter"; which, is meant to provide survivors of natural disasters with a shelter that to help them survive until rescue is in sight.

This image was created to show the full set-up of the RIS. I added the rain, dark water, and bleak sky to liven it up.

The image bellow is of the life boat / flotation device for the Readily Inflatable Shelter. I used a number of tricks to create the various pieces. Everything is vector based and scalable. I used the specifications provided by the Flotation Device team to create the designs.

This is the shelter portion of the craft. It took some work to create as I had to add elements that the team had not thought of. Such as the Velcro inseam and the latches for connecting to the flotation device. The fan unit was a scope change that is used to remove toxic/damaging fumes from the storage unit as the fictional tests showed that it was needed.

This is the storage container depicting the space limitations for the various shelter and flotation device components. The container had a number of features that had to be carefully considered such as; packing configurations, size limitations, materials and so on.

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