Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Iudice Mineração (logo designs)

This post features several series of logo designs created for Iudice Mineração which is a mining conglomerate. This is the original logo for Iudice Mineração. It uses two primary colors, red and purple, and is formed using thick strips to form the letters "I" and "M".

This first series features Pluto the god of the underworld; who, signifies strength, the depths of the earth, and projects a sense of history to the viewer. I designed him holding a torch to light his way in the depths of the earth. In his other arm he clutches a pick-axe representing the mining aspect of business. Using a Roman god also embodies some history, as the founders of the company are of Italian heritage.

The various elements used to create Pluto, such as the pick-axe and torch, allow for uses as alternate logos and design elements.

This "Modern" series is based on some properties of the original logo's use of shape and colors.

This series plays with the letters "I" and "M".

The two pyramids represent the gravel piles created by the conveyors at the mining sites.

I created a bold pillar like "I" to both indicate strength and stone.

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