Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sketches from the sketchbook my mom gave me.

Something of an afterlife experience.
A close-up of the skull and monster.

A close-up of the smoldering souls. Part of some concept work for my Seven Deadly Sins Project.

Full-height of the left side of the drawing.

The pit-daemon checking the stew.

Another cauldron.

Bobo gone wild.

No where to hide except from myself.

I love stereotypes.


Crack is whack!

The inside jacket of the sketchbook my ma gave me about 15 years ago.

Some spaceship concepts for a 3d-model I made for a class project in college.

Kill! Kill!

I just want to slap you. I common comment made by Lakeside Mitch.

Sketches of my dog Maya.

Mr. Me is going crazy.

Playing with thick lines and old schoolish funny faces.

Some vintage Bobo doodles.

Live and create.

Here is lookin' at you kid!

Oh no... He's all burned-out!

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